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Although there are millions of good things in life, many consider friendship as the most valuable. Many people argue that life that lacks an experience of friendship is not worth living. For survival, it is important to have human interaction, although the development of friendship is a key aspect for the successful development of individuals. According to the Oxford Learners Dictionary, Friendship is defined to be the emotional conduct that friends have, or the state of being friends ( Easy way to write History Paper. Detailed GuideThis means that the relationship that is there between two people that consider themselves allies or friends is what amounts to friendship. To many people, there is no clear defined terminology to explain friendship, since many people have different definitions of the word. On the other hand, a friend is an individual who one knows and has trusted. Similarly to friendship, the definition of a friend also varies from an individual to another, depending on their notions.

As noted, the definition of a friend may vary from a person to another. Different people look at various aspects from friends, especially the things that are often commonly found in nature. In life, an individual is on the lookout for different types of friends, depending on their daily activities. The first type of friend that most individual look for are acquaintances. These are the friends whose relationship starts off from a basic point, but grows to be very deep. An acquaintance is an individual who one has known entirely from a very basic level, especially from a young age. The opinion towards such an individual is established entirely by the observations of perceptions of this person. Often, a person meets an acquaintance in the basic levels of schools, at the workplace, in the neighborhood, or other places where one frequently visits. Initially, the greetings are simple, like a smile, or simple daily greetings. With time, the acquaintance grows to appreciate each other’s presence and to appreciate their efforts. The kind words of an acquaintance often trigger a smile, although the true meaning is not usually the truth. For instance, a fellow patron could develop to be an acquaintance, since they are in the know of one’s routines, and often strive to make sure you are comfortable.

Another type of friend is one that always tells the truth, one that values honesty above other things. This kind of friend says the reality, is not afraid to criticize, and does not sugar coat anything. When giving an opinion or piece of advice, this kind of friend will offer an honest response, which is often the most appropriate for the situation. Although they consider the emotions of the friend, they will seek to make sure that honesty prevails.

Information and academic data provided at defines the next type of friendship as a parental friendship, especially one that is found between a parent figure and offspring. This is a kind of friendship where each friend acts as the ultimate nurturer to the other. In this kind of friendship, each of the friends will strive to make sure that the other is comfortable, they have all the needs covered for, and they are happy. For instance, this kind of friend always supports each other in all the activities, rarely criticizes the moves or actions, they will cry with each other when there is trouble, they celebrate together and are there to encourage each other. With such a friend, there is a constant supply of love, reassurance, compassion, as well as care.

The next type of friendship is where two people are connected by similar interests, where they are always together when hanging out. These are the friends who go out on adventures together or watch games together. These friends are often challenging each other, although the initial discomfort does not last.

The next type of friendship is a cheerleading relationship, where friends are the greatest supporters of each other. There is a magical fusion between the two people, who despite not knowing the backgrounds of each other; they are the greatest supporters of one another. This could be in one activity or almost all activities of life. This kind of a friend encourages the other, especially when things are not going right, to the point where they feel at ease. They will also encourage each other when they are about to take on something, and give each other the motivation needed.

The last kind of a friend is the connector, one who is always in the right position to help out. This kind of friend has the right kind of advice to offer when called upon, and will connect you to the most appropriate sources of help. This kind of friend has the links to a wide variety of people; they will advice on the best vet, the most qualified doctor in town, and best hotels to hang out in another city among others. This is the kind of friend one looks out for, when they are in a fix and require urgent attention.

Different people have varying relationships with other people. However, one thing that stands out is that friendship involves taking care of each other. The type of care also varies, depending on individual, which is the main reason one person has different kinds of friendships with two people. Besides, the kind of friendship one has with another depends on their personal characteristics. For instance, if one does not offer parental friendship to another, it will be very hard for the other person to offer him the same kind of love.

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